Wednesday, November 5, 2008

today at ohsu

Spent the day with Ammy while Beth got some paperwork, laundry and a dentist visit done. We had so much fun together! Miss Ammy is deffinatly getting her spunk back. When I told her I brought my camera she wanted me to take some pictures of her making funny faces.
Her favorite funny face picture...

Her favorite smile picture and mine too...

The fun of being at the hospital and having your aunt with you is she lets you eat things like donuts...
Truth be told I was so happy to watch her feed her self I let her have most the things she asked for :)

Just when we finished playing her new favorite game feed the kitty. (a great game by the way, rolling dice, picking up pieces, and not to long for her) Ammy got a Sticker book in the mail and we had so much fun doing it together. She did most of it herself. She liked making up a story with where she put each one. We played with it for almost an hour before we were interrupted for PT.

She was ok with the stander today because she got to play BINGO. Anyone who wants to play can from there room or in one of the playrooms. You turn the TV to a designated station and watch them call out the numbers. When you get a Bingo you call the playroom they are in and the announce your name on the TV. they play till every one wins. Ammy won twice.

Once the game is over the prize cart comes around and you get to pick a prize. Ammy won 2x so she got two prizes. She picked a cinderella doll and a snow white doll. We played with them for so long. My favorite thing she said was Belle could not come to the ball because she was busy doing laundry.

my goodbye smile


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog today! It is so amazing to be able to see Ammy's smiles. Tell her GREAT job, and thanks for sharing herself with the rest of us through photos! Thank you, Michelle, for the time you take away from your own family to keep us is a gift.


Heather said...

Big ditto on Janice's comments. Thank you so much for the updates. Tell Ammy thank you for sharing the great pictures. She is so beautiful! We appreciate your updates so much. Much love to all of you!

.k.h. said...

Great news and wonderful pictures, my friend! I'm so glad you've been taking your camera! Thanks for the updates! Loves to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I work with Molly's mom, Kathy Snyder, at Community Newspapers. We are doing a fundraiser in our building for Ammy and I was wondering if I could put your blog address on our posters?
Charlotte Kammer

goose and bear said...

It's SO GOOD to see Ammy smiling and being silly. I love it! And yay for winning bingo TWICE!

Love you all!