Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas eve part 1

Just a few pictures from our first stop of the day on Christmas eve. Here is the family at Krispy Kreme.

Then we were off to Down town to meet up with the Germer Family...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starwars returns...

Brian put together this movie of Little Mister imitating a whining Luke Skywalker. I thought it was pretty funny!

Monday, December 22, 2008

she likes the snow....

We took the kids outside yesterday and Little miss seemed to like the snow a lot better this time around. Little Mister played his own game of break the ice. He would pick up pieces of the frozen layer of snow and trow it down this incline. It was so loud and would shatter everywhere. The boys played this for a long time. Little miss grew cold and tired of the snow in about 15 min. Just long enough to snap a few pictures.

Yummy snow

Why is it so hard to get a picture of the two of them together???

The boys taking a break from breaking the ice game

on our way in from a late night walk with the kids

Saturday, December 20, 2008

snow Angels

At about 8:30 tonight grandpa called and let us know this would be a great time and great snow to make snow angles so we got Little Mister and put is snow gear on over his PJ's and headed outside. He was so excited till the wind started to blow and he laid on the ground. So daddy decided to show him how it's done.

Yes the snow is almost up to his knees...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make it, Bake it Grow it or Sew it Christmas....

Two post in one day wow I must be crazy. Here is just a few of the things I have been up to while my kids sleep at night....
Colored glue, I got the idea from a blog called Little Birdies secret I made this for my kids and some of their friends. So easy and sounds like so much fun.

Hooded towles for my kids. I was so tierd of the baby ones they have had forever.

Aprons for a couple little girls I know.

A cape for little Mister...

and one for little Miss too

I have many other projects I have been working on but Some will have to remain secret till after christmas :)

snow much fun

Ok this is a long post but we have been very busy the last few days.I found a way, thanks to my friend Jess, that my Little miss likes the snow...
Inside in a bowl with lots of thing to scoop it with.

Little Mister still prefers his snow outside

We have still been doing our letter of the week I just have not had time to post about it. This is a review week so I thought I would review it here as well. Monday we worked on the letter G. We made snow flakes with glue and glitter on them and hung them in the house. Yes I used glitter! Just because I don't like it doesn't mean my kids should miss out on the mess, I mean fun :)

The week of the letter G the big hit was our garden pictures. Here is Little Misters...

For H on tuesday we made a house. All they really wanted to do was eat the candy but we had lots of fun. The week of the letter H we talked a lot about being helpers and what a hospital is so most the pictures are of us at OHSU and you have seen those.

I will post later about I J and K.

Monday, December 15, 2008

snow days ahead

Snow fun... Well LIttle mister loved the snow and played with daddy outside twice today.

I was only able to get about one photo of Little mister because Little Miss does not like snow...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

party plans

This post is for my mom and mom in-law who keep says I should share my ideas.I am no Martha Stewart keep in mind, just a mom who loves to find creative ways to save money and still have a great party for my kids.I just wished I had some better photos of the room so you could see the whole thing. LIttle Mister wanted a star wars party and with all the stuff going on I was limited in my time to pull it off but we had so much fun.I made him and R2D2 cake that was from the same cake pan used on his dad's 4th birthday. Thank you Karen for saving it!

We decorated with black and silver and had white Christmas lights in the window. The tables had the Germer boys old star wars toys on them with star confetti. We had Yoda swamp water punch to drink. For snacks we had mini asteroids(pirate botty, mini death stars(olives),ewak forest(broccoli), yoda walking sticks (carrots, and Luke Skywalker light saber pretzels.

The kids had face painting, make your own droid activity with all sorts of different art supplies, and make your super space picture on black paper with chalk and stickers. The kids seem to have so much fun and the droids turned out pretty cute. The bad thing about being the hostess is you don't get to also be the photographer so I don't have to many pictures of all the happenings at the party.
Little mIss looking at her face painting again and again.

Little mister in his luke costume getting Princess princess Leah picture painted on his face. Great job Nana!

We had a lot of fun! The kids each went home with a "super rare space rock" (a small gift wrapped in foil)Good thing I saved the decor as I have now been asked to repeat the party for my Niece. I am trying to convince her to do a different theme. We will see when her birthday rolls around :)
For his actual bday we went to dinner at Red Robin with and to the hospital to have cupcakes with Ammy.

And to answer the question I have been asked by so many of you... Yes I am already coming up with ideas for Little Miss's 2 birthday in May.