Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rostamizadeh Family Photos

Cousin are blessings and make the best of friends. Extra special bonus when the live close by and have a great spouse and sweet little ones. Alyse and Robert what fun to spend the morning with you before the rain came in. I love your sweet  family! 

The only boy out of three girls makes for one tough little guy! 

Miss L is unstoppable and keeps up with her older sisters just fine. 

How Mr C feels when sis tries to snuggle :)

 Miss S growing up so fast. That smile and twinkle in the eyes makes my heart melt.

 Miss M a bit camera shy unless you have her show some dance poses. She has the same sweet smile and twinkle as her sister! I can't tell you just how much I adore these four kids!

Sisters sharing secrets.

Alyse and Robert love you both and your beautiful family. 

I couldn't help but share these last two pictures of Mr C.  after playing with the rocks.