Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss C is 5! Part 1

My little girl turned 5! I am still in a little bit of shock that Kindergarden will soon be here. She is a girl full of spunk and style. When I talked to her about doing her 5 year pictures she knew just what she wanted to wear, what kinds of pictures to take and that her Aunt sissa had to be there too. She picked three outfits and there is so many in each outfit it was hard to pick a favorite. SO... I will split them up in to three post. We headed out early on the morning of her birthday after she had her pick of breakfast, Captain crunch cereal. We picked up Aunt sissa and headed to Progress the newest shopping center near us and it turned out to be the perfect place for  her pictures.

 I know the next two are a bit fuzzy but I love them! Here I can still see that baby face , the side of her that is not growing up to fast. The side of her that still loves to snuggle, and call me mommy. The side of her that will still ask for help once in a while :)
 She begged me to take a picture of her reading. Yes she has started reading and loves it!!!

Mothers Day Tea

Miss C's preschool put on a very cute mothers day tea. The week of the tea a picture drawn by each child of their mom was hung in the hallway with clues below to help you guess which one was you. I had a bit of an unfair advantage as just the week before Miss C came home from preschool in tears saying it was no fair that her mom had curly hair and all the other mom's had straight hair because curly hair is just to hard to draw! Brother helped her out with some practice pictures at home :)
My three clues were...
1. She likes necklaces. (true)
2. She likes to take pictures. (very true)
3. She likes rings. ( well I always wear one)
The day of the tea they all sang a few songs then we sat down to cookies and milk. They also made place mats where the answered a few questions. 
Why is your mom the best mom in the world? She does almost everything.
Favorite food your mom cooks... Spaghetti
Favorite things to do with your mom... play games, play polly pockets
I love my mom because... she is the best

Guess what being your momma is a true blessing! I love you so much and think you are the best too!!!

Friends saying goodbye, till tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TCC Kids Choir

The church I grew up in has always had a great kids choir! When I found out that Mr C was old enough to  be in it this year I was so excited. He went to practice every sunday night for a few months and practice at home a ton. He tried out for a solo and even got the very one he wanted! I was so proud of his commitment yes there were times we had to make him go but he always  enjoyed it. This year spring program was Spend A While On The Nile. The program was filled with great songs and fun ways to learn about God's great love. They even added a mini group of stars for one song that included 4's and 5's so Miss C got to be in the program too! 

Miss C and Miss Kelsey who worked with the stars. She did a great job and Miss  C thought she was pretty special.

Daddy and Miss C waiting for her turn to practice.

Mr C and Miss Lisa the Choir Director. Mr C thinks she is one of the greatest people ever. I think there are many more out there who would agree.
oh and there are so many who helped and were a big encouragement to my kids and for that I will forever be thankful!

Monday, May 28, 2012


Miss C and I were very excited to help with Mr C's school fun run. She was looking forward to playing on the playground while watching the kids run. I helped mark tally marks on the runners tags. The afternoon was sunny and not to hot, perfect!
Miss C called me over while the first group was running to take her picture.

Finally the First grade made it out for there turn to run. Each grade got 15 min to run as many laps as they could.

 Miss C decided she wanted to run with brother too.
  Way to go you ran a mile and so did your sis! (shhh don't tell but sister was really proud she ran one more lap then brother)

Thanks to those who sponsored him he made enough to earn a fun run shirt!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool Birthday Fun...

The week of Miss C's Birthday she was star of the week at school and got to bring a treat to share one day for snack. I had so much fun watching her chose which friends she was going to sit with and the things they talked about. Todays topic was which Barbie movie is the best and which Disney princess is best. I think it was decided Mermaid tail was the best Barbie movie and Tangled or Belle is the best princess. I feel so blessed that she was part of this preschool and the friends she has made.

Show and tell time, today it was her puppies from Uncle Matt and Aunt kathy, other toys were her Barbie mermaid book, a princess doll from her friend Maryn, Build a Bear kitty cat and a dog that makes noise.

Sharing pictures from her star of the week poster. She picked out each one of the pictures for her board!

Telling her friends about her favorite things. 
Color- pink, purple, and Yellow
food- spaghetti
animal- cat specifically a cheta
things to do- read, color and play barbies
Way to go Miss C you are my little star every week!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Germer Family Day

Having a CPA for a husband means at a young age my kids learn what April 15 means. We decided when we finished our first tax season as a couple the day after or close to we would take a day off work and just spend time together. That has continued every year and the kids really look forward to it. Some years we have gone low key and some we have taken a mini vacation to the coast. This year we opted for low key. We started the day with some yummy homemade donuts! Then Miss C did not want to miss school so the boys stayed home and played their Zelda video game. After school we had lunch then headed of to an afternoon at Safari Sam's. The kids had so much fun! I must be honest and say this was not our first choice for a family day but the rain left us with few options. We ended up making homemade pizza for dinner and watching a movie. The best part of the day... knowing we made it through another tax season. One of the years I will remember to get a family photo :)


This year I was lucky enough to have my birthday fall on a beautiful sunny Saturday! The kids and I enjoyed a quiet morning at home. The afternoon we spent at the park along with most of the city :)
Besides the dog who bite Miss C (luckily only getting her pants and no skin) it was a truly perfect afternoon. Brian even got off work early to join us! 

 Mr C's new friend joined the picture. I swear we have so many of these kind of pictures!  To bad the little boy is the only one excited to have his picture taken.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Easter part 2

 After Lunch on Easter we got home and it was so sunny we decided to wash the cars. The kids had so much fun with the soap bubbles and the water hose! I loved that the next day I had little spots all over my van where they had completely missed washing :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I know it has been a whole month and what a month it has been! So many things to tell you about and ideas to share. I think I last left you off at Easter.  We had a lovely day starting with Coffee with the in laws and Church. then off to lunch with some of my family.
    Please trust me that the very next day I took Mr C to get a hair cut!

   I have so much more I want to say about Easter and our recent journey of faith but not sure just how to write about it. So I think it will have to wait till another post.