Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TCC Kids Choir

The church I grew up in has always had a great kids choir! When I found out that Mr C was old enough to  be in it this year I was so excited. He went to practice every sunday night for a few months and practice at home a ton. He tried out for a solo and even got the very one he wanted! I was so proud of his commitment yes there were times we had to make him go but he always  enjoyed it. This year spring program was Spend A While On The Nile. The program was filled with great songs and fun ways to learn about God's great love. They even added a mini group of stars for one song that included 4's and 5's so Miss C got to be in the program too! 

Miss C and Miss Kelsey who worked with the stars. She did a great job and Miss  C thought she was pretty special.

Daddy and Miss C waiting for her turn to practice.

Mr C and Miss Lisa the Choir Director. Mr C thinks she is one of the greatest people ever. I think there are many more out there who would agree.
oh and there are so many who helped and were a big encouragement to my kids and for that I will forever be thankful!

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goose and bear said...

So proud of your little performers. Now I have "spend a while on the Nile" in my head :)