Saturday, April 17, 2010

last few weeks

We have been busy with house stuff and packing that I have not have time to put pictures up. Here are some highlights of the past month.

Cousin pizza and movie day. Over spring break we celebrated Cousin me me's birthday while having the kids make there own pizza's and then watching a movie together. They also played outside and enjoyed yummy brownies. We missed our other cousin and hope they can come next time :)

Little Miss and Little Mister are playing so well together lately it is fun to see the things the come up with. One afternoon they got all the blocks out and build for almost an hour. Moving pieces around till the came up with the final castle using every piece we own.

Easter was a blast. We were able to go to an easter egg hunt at Little Misters school the day before. That Sunday we spent time with both sides of the family. The kids did not however want their picture taken so this is the best I could get. All in all I was happy with how Little miss's dress turned out. After a sewing mistake Cousin Me me got a matching dress too :)

Little Mister loves to be outside and explore or have beach parties. His latest find was "wishers". He was so happy to show sister this one.

Thinking about what to wish for takes a long time.


Hopefully soon I will have pictures of Family day. I hope you are all doing well!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First day of spring

While playing outside on the first day of spring I decided to record the kids conversation. They had set up a table and were having a bowl of shaved ice to celebrate spring. I went inside got a paper and a pencil and decide to write down everything the said for a few minutes. I am so glad I did!!!

Just sitting there eating for a few seconds when Little Mister smiles and looks at his sister. He then says" sister I love you"

Sister- "I love you too"
Brother- "I love you 20 times, that's a lot! How much do you love me?"
Sister- She stands up reaches her arms up and says " I love you as big high as I can"
Brother- "WOW that's a lot!"
both sit quiet for a bit eating their snack
Brother- "what do you call a big piece of ice?"
Mom -"do you mean an iceberg"
Brother- yes, sister I just ate an iceberg"
Sister- "wow, bubby that's cool" long pause " bubby, what's an ice burr?"
to which we all laugh
Brother- "you are so funny!"
"do you want to wear short sleaves? it is hot out. I just pull up my pant
legs and my shirt so the wind blows on my tummy"
Sister- "ok bubby me to"
Brother- "NO! sister you have to be model and not show your tummy" (instead of modest)
Sister - "oh I forgot"
Brohter- "want to play hide n seek?"
Sister- "ok my bubby"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving day...

We are packing up and getting ready to move! We found our dream home and God opened many doors to allows to have such a beautiful home at such an amazing deal. I am so excited! I was hoping you might have some words of wisdom to offer as to ways to make this move run smoothly.
I have colored coded each boxes as to what room they go to and I have put a number indicating what floor that room is on. Other then that I am hoping you have some other amazing ideas that will help us out. Thank you to all of you who prayed for us and were a sounding board for all my worries and hopes. We are truly blessed to know so many wonderful people!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Provo Craft has come out with a new Cricut cutting system it is called Cricut cake. It cuts fondont, icing sheets, and other things. All using the same cartridges as the the other Cricut system,
Wouldn't this be so much fun. I love birthday's and parties this would be so much fun to have. THe DIY Dish is giving one away. Enter to win and if you do let me know so I can come visit you when you try it out :)