Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday MEME!!!
You have always been a great cousin!

meme and little Mister face to face for the first time

Little misters 1st Easter

meme and Little Miss on tha day she was born

We Love you meme!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

xoxo pictures 2

here are my 3 favorites (not including the many cute ones of meme alone)

my favorite picture from the day...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

xoxo pictures 1

On Little Misters 1st Valentines day Beth and meme went with us to get pictures done. We decided at the last minute to do one picture with meme and little mister. Every year now we get the kids together to do pictures I tried to do them myself and was not happy with the results. So I asked my kind and very talented friend Kim of to take some pictures. Kim always does such a good job and teaches me so much. Not only does she have a great eye but she is great with the kids. I had to share some of my favorites. I will show you a few now and you will have to look tomorrow for my three favorites...

there really is so many cute ones to chose from ! thank you Kim!!! Also thank to Miss Allie and Miss Jess for the matching dresses they worked out perfect for pictures.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sorry it has been so long we have been so busy with the letter of the week and Meme had surgery. Here is how the kids spent the afternoon on tuesday....

Even Barbie and our webkinz dog joined in the fun. Hard to believe just two weeks ago it was like this...

Monday, March 2, 2009

a little rant...

Ok so I never talk politics on my blog, but today I have to say something. I usually leave the political stuff to my hubby who knows more then I do and can say it so much better. Today I heard two things that I couldn't ignore.
1st I heard while watching Rachel Ray, Chelsea Handler who is known for her "comedy" of making fun of other people say in one sentence her favorite person to make fun of is George Bush. Then not just a few min later she asked who she would not make fun of and one the people she listed was Obama because he is the president and we shouldn't make fun of the president. WHAT!!! In our house growing up we were not aloud to tell presidential jokes my dad used to say it didn't matter if you voted for them or not the were in a position of respect. I hope to teach my kids the same thing. While I am happy to be hearing less jokes about our president the double standard drives me crazy!
The second thing I heard was that Obama is bringing the "family" back together , people are eating dinner together again. Really... I eat dinner with my family because we want to not because any political leader does. Maybe people are beginning to remember what it was like when they were growing up. Or maybe people were already doing that and one has nothing to do with the other. Again happy that more families may be eating together and spending more time together but lets be realistic the pat on the back for that goes to the ones who decided to do it if they can. I have respect for Obama and my friends who voted for him :) but lets be realistic about his role in the country he is not my "hope" for a "new change" for that I place my hope in Christ.
Done now won't take on politics again I leave that to my hubby...