Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ross Wedding

What a privilege and honor to be able to not only to witness these two amazing people get married but be allowed to bring my camera along for the day. My friend Jamie took the weeding pictures of Megan and Andrews special day and I highly recommend looking at her amazing work. Just a few of my favorite pictures from an amazing, wonderful day full of much laughter and fun. 

 Miss C and her daddy toasting

 MIss C and Mr Andrew dancing

Miss Megan and Her good friend 

 Siblings! I love these two :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Cameron

I would love to introduce you to a sweet little boy I feel in love with before he was even born. From the moment my sister in law told me she was having a baby to the day he was born I could not wait to meet him! He arived a few days early on April 8 and I was so excited to meet him and take a few pictures. He may be annoyed when he is older but I could not resists the chance to take a few Timbers pictures as I loving called him baby Darlington after my favorite soccer player!  

On Easter sunday who doesn't  do a mini photo shoot? :) Just look at that face!!!

Doug and Molly thank you for letting me take a few pictures of Cameron!

Monday, February 24, 2014

modern technology...

I remember reading somewhere a few days ago that modern technology mostly the smartphone is slowly tearing families apart. That parents attention is not fully being in the moment with their kids because they are to quick to respond to the sound of an incoming text or email. How great moments are put on pause for that quick photo added to instragram or a quick break for a Facebook update. How kids are asking to play games rather then interact with each other. While I do find this very valid point I have to say as a kid I too had my ways of "escaping" family time, it was called a book :)
Lets be honest even with out smart phones it is sometimes hard to be fully there and not be running through your to do list in your mind. Well maybe that is is just me and now I have gotten off track. What I really wanted to say is that in this time of year especially, that modern technology has brought us closer! With my hard working husband, tax season means many late nights at the office and Saturdays too. For the kids and I we really miss him yes we know how much he loves us and is willing to work hard for his family and take good care of his clients but we still miss him. Without our iphones we would just go about our night  and off to bed while dad worked away, instead we get face time. The kids tell daddy all about their day and sometimes I even learn new things they hadn't told me about yet. They laugh, tell jokes, ask daddy about his day too. It truly is touching to watch. So while yes modern technology can cause some distance and a change to the way we communicate in can also bring this...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Janelle and Chris Preview

Monday I had the great pleasure of taking picture of a sweet couple who's first child is due this May. They are in town visiting some of their  awesome family  and asked me to take some pictures before they head home. Considering they have been living in Arizona for awhile now they were real troopers in the rain.
   My husband first meet Janelle when she was in grade school as she was the youngest sister of a good friend of his. I got to know Janelle better when Brian and I were leading the youth praise band at church.  I will never forget the late nights we spent talking with her and her close friends at a CIY conference one year. We are both blessed by her and her family in many ways! I really just meet Chris but I can tell you in just the short time we were all together I learned he is a genuine person who really loves his wife! Someone I can see anyone getting along with, you know,  just a truly kind person. Plus if Janelle picked him out he has to be a great guy right? Thank you both for a wonderful morning.

   You two are going to be amazing parents!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day 2

Painting in the snow, snow icecream, old fashioned sled, and more snowball fights! The best part was Brian made it home after having to stay at work all night!