Sunday, September 4, 2016

vacation photos

While not my usual post lately of photo previews for a friend or client, I wanted to share some of our fun vacation pics that hold such meaning to me. So please bear with me if it's too much to read then I hope at least you like to look at a few of the pics. The first pic was taken while sitting on a boat with my youngest sis and one of my dearest friends. You know when someone is a part of your life and you just count on them. Well my friend Jen moved to last summer and I had no idea just how deeply I would miss her.  Sitting on this boat with these two was more precious to me then seeing the whales around us.  
Then to add to the joy my other sis and equally dear friend would be joining us that evening for a weekend. Is there really anything more beautiful then walking around a breathtaking garden laughing and being surrounded by the best of friends.

My sisters and I one night went in search of the perfect sunset spot. We shivered in the cold waiting for the sun to set, spotted whales in the ocean, saw Canada, an amazing sunset and shared a so much laughter that I will cherish this moment together for a lifetime. 

The river ranch has become an annual trip thanks to the generosity of one of Brian's clients. With each year we see the kids change and grow a little bit older. I love this picture of Miss C with her american girl doll backpack headed to the beach. While I love to see her grow and gain more independence I especially love to see the innocence and imagination still there in her daily life. 

Making flowers chains is something every little girl should know how to do.

I don't even know how to explain what this picture means to me. You may just see a boy at play but I see a boy who is moving forward and facing fears becoming all he can be, and who feels better, happier and more confident. 

Wallowa Lake! I love the tradition of going each year camping and escaping the everyday for a quite week with friends and family. I cherish  watching these four as the years go by and their friendship grows stronger. I hope their laughter, jokes, talks, and adventures carry on for a lifetime.

 These two were buddies before they were born in a way, the very reason my dear friend Jess and I met both being pregnant at the same time. Our family is so blessed by the four of them.

A day on the Oregon coast. 

  I look at these pictures and I am filled with so many emotions in one I see smiles and joy and the sweet faces of my babies. I see all of who they are and the moments I have shared with each of them, I see their dad and how much I love him and our family. I see the sweetest little blessings!
Then I look at the last two pictures and I feel like we are on the edge of something exciting and scary all at once. The unknown the possabilities both endless. We are on the edge of childhood make believe and pretend to figuring out our world, peers and teen years. Where I still have so much to teach them but they have so much to learn from others. Where they both still hold my hand but let go when a friend walks by, where I get hugs and snuggles at home and pray that they never stop asking for them. I look at these pictures and wonder have we taught them kindness and friendship, faith that is unstoppable, and how to be responsable citizens. When I look at the pictures I am filled with joy of who they are and hope for who they will become.