Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review winner...

I know a day late on the winner of the book give away but we have been busy signing more addendum's for the house. My hubby picked the number and I swear there was no playing favorites. The winner is .... Melissa
I should be getting another book to review any day now so watch for another give away soon. Thanks for playing!
Oh, want a good book to read pick up Jodi Pocoult's new book House Rules. My mother in law got it for me for mothers day and I can't put it down! I like most of her books but this one is one of my favorites. Have a wonderful long weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Chocolate factory....

For a year now Little miss has been asking to have a Willy Wonka birthday party. For those of you who know me well know the ideas in my head were grand and exciting. We had planned on having at the new house but we have still not moved in and had to change locations the week of the party. I called all around and every where was booked so we decided on the park even though it has been raining like crazy. The day of the party we ended up getting to the park super early on and saving the only shelter that was not reserved for the day. We did end up sharing for a bit with a sweet sixteen party that was standing eating pizza in the pouring rain :(
With moving it to the park it changed the whole party plans. I was going to have the kids make there own chocolate creations. we planned on playing a fun game using the characters and candies from the movie. With the disappointment of the move going on I was hopeful that we could at least pull this off for Little Miss. I made cupcakes based on each of the characters from the movie. You can find some of the recipes here on one of my favorite sites your home based mom. The others are my own recipes.

We had fizzy Lifting drinks (italian sodas), for take home gifts we had a wonka candy shop which did include a tooth brush to keep those teeth healthy after all that candy, and a Violet Buearegard bubble gum blowing contest where the winner received there choice of the Charlie and the chocolate factory book, or a sample of three new Wonka candies.

We had lots of fun and the birthday girl was happy! We all have colds this week from being out in the cold and rain but I will never forget the crazy times getting this party ready. Special thanks to my mom and little sis Melissa for all there help setting up and staying in the cold with me. Also thanks to Miss Jessica and aunty Jen for the coats to keep my kids warm!

Happy Third Birthday baby girl!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craft idea

Might try this sometime this summer. Check it out and let me know if you made this before and have any tips.
DIY DISH episode 10
don't forget to enter the give away while you are there!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book review and give away

A few weeks ago I received in the mail my first book to review and I couldn't wait to get started! Well today I finished reading an interesting book called I am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby. The insightful, funny, and courageous journey of a young women seeking to find her way after leaving the Hutterite community. This book was full of history and amazing stories of three generations of Hutterite members. The Hutterites are a loving yet strict religious community started in the sixteenth century by Jacob Hutter. A community that strive to live by the verse "And all that believed were together, and had all things in common: and sold there processions and goods and parted them to all me, as every man had need." Acts 2:44-45. A community that lives together, shares meals together, and cares for each ones needs, while each one works hard at there assigned task.
I was fascinated by the way each family cared so deeply for each other beyond just immediate family. I liked the ideal life of each person looking to the better good of all, joining in faith to care for one another. I wondered how could I apply such things in my own life. All though I found the book sometimes dry and hard to read the next page always lead to another story and laughter. So go ahead grab a cup of tea and join Mary- Ann Kirkby as she journey's back in time in order to see who she is today.

Want to read this book too? Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite book by 12am May 27 for a chance to win. I will draw a random name and announce the winner here on my blog May 28.

House update...

So many of you have been asking for updates on the new house and the reason I have not answered is that I just don't know what to tell you anymore. I will try to explain it the best I can. We were scheduled to sign papers May 5. I had us almost all packed except for essentals and a few cooking supplies when we found out April 30 something came up on the buyers credit report that made it so we could not sign papers till it was fixed. We were told at the time it would most likely take about two weeks to fix the problem. Well we are past that and no move in date in sight. We play the waiting game each week to see if the seller of the new house is willing to sign the addendum and wait this crazy thing out with us. Our lock on our interest rate ends this friday, which means we could be paying more money on points to keep the interest rate down. Our wonderful relator told us when we could not decide between two houses that we should make an offer on both houses and let God decide. The offer was excepted on our dream house! I know God will work this out so we must wait.
I keep reminding myself to put it in perspective we have a home, this is not a life or death issue! So for now I learn more, teach my kids what I can, and wait!
Thank you to all our friends and family who encourage me and keep me laughing as we wait :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

family day

I know it has been over a month from when we had our family day but I came across these few pictures of the day together. We started out the day where Dad took Little Mister to school and Little miss and I went to Bible study. Dad picked up Little mister form school and we all meet back at the house for lunch. After a yummy lunch together we went over to walk around the neighborhood near the new house. The kids loved exploring the park and seeing the house again. After we finshed there we took them to get a snack and then off to see Grandpa's work. The kids loved seeing the big printing machine and seeing what Grandpa does all day at work. By the time we finished up there it was getting late. So we stopped for dinner and then headed home. All in all a very good dat!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

birthday girl

Birthday Balloons + Birthday girl in pretty dress + 15 min wait to get brother from school = a great photo opportunity
Three years ago you blessed our lives and added so much joy, laughter and smiles. Happy Birthday my little Girl !!! I love you and your spunk!