Tuesday, May 18, 2010

family day

I know it has been over a month from when we had our family day but I came across these few pictures of the day together. We started out the day where Dad took Little Mister to school and Little miss and I went to Bible study. Dad picked up Little mister form school and we all meet back at the house for lunch. After a yummy lunch together we went over to walk around the neighborhood near the new house. The kids loved exploring the park and seeing the house again. After we finshed there we took them to get a snack and then off to see Grandpa's work. The kids loved seeing the big printing machine and seeing what Grandpa does all day at work. By the time we finished up there it was getting late. So we stopped for dinner and then headed home. All in all a very good dat!


Becky said...

Nothing beats "family time"! They grow up so very fast and you will never regret the time you spend with them. Those times become cherished memories! Your family seems to do a really good job of making time for that. :)

Lisa said...

what a good Mommy you are. The little things you do now will be special memories for your littles as they grow up! Was so good seeing you at Target! :)