Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flower Pillow

When we did not move after all last year we decide to redo the kids room. So with new paint on the wall and new bunk beds from Ikea it was time to pick a theme.  Well Mr C wanted super hero and Miss C wanted flowers. So I decided to start with the little red kitchen they have and go from there. I found on major clearance two King size white sheets. I folded them in half sewed the top and sides together and added velcro to the bottom to make duvet cover. From there I made them some simple red and blue throw pillows. Flowers for Miss C and Superhero for Mr C.  Last summer I found this tutorial online to make a felt flower pillow and new it would be perfect for Miss C and I finally made it this last week. It was hard to get a good picture but you get the idea. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sewing Day 2

Many people go to goodwill now, I love that  being thrifty has become trendy. I love going to goodwill and garage sales in hopes of one thing most the time, FABRIC! I love finding something and looking to see what it can become. Some of the easiest is taking a women's shirt and turning into a sun dress for Miss C. I found this Liberty of London brand women's top for just 3.99 at goodwill. I loved the way it flared out and I knew I could change it pretty fast. All I did was take in the very top part and move the straps over. In about 20 min  we had a new dress! Miss C's favorite part, it is a "spiny"dress!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

1/2 Birthday

This half birthday was celebrated with a Harry Potter Lego sticker book, homemade chicken noodle soup and apple pie, and lot of smiles. I can't believe just how much he has grown in the last 6m. He is reading on his own, lost 3 teeth, discovered he loves math, chocolate and being outside. I love you my dear sweet boy!

Coffee Cozy

  This last week has been raining like crazy so I got out my sewing machine! I thought I would show each day what I have been working on.  For teacher appreciation and Mothers day I made a few "coffee cozies" from a tutorial I found a couple years ago. I have been wanting to make them for a while but just got around to it. The best part of them is the amount of fabric you need is pretty small so I made them all from scrap fabric I already had. For Mr C's teacher and Grammy I gave it to them wrapped around a Strabucks cup with a gift card inside. For my mom and mom in-law I gave it with a book to read. For Miss C's teacher I attached a note that said "Thanks a latte". This week I made a few more for the Library and office staff at Mr C's school and for bunco prizes at church.  Super easy and fun!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Party

Our little Princess turned four and wanted a princess party to celebrate her special day. She dressed in her favorite "princess" dress and invited friends and family to help her celebrate.

She asked me to make cupcakes and cake pops. The cake pops were not my favorite thing to make but they were a big hit. I got the recipe from bakerella's website.
 We had a few fun activities for the kids to do while they were there. Some princess coloring sheets and a knight for the boys. Miss C's favorite puzzles, and make your own crowns. We also had princess bingo all ready to go but the kids were having to much fun with the other stuff we ran out of time.

 For goodies I found these buckets at a local party store when they were going out of business. We filled the girls bucket with all kinds of fun things like rings, necklaces, princess note pads, princess games, wands, and candy. The Boys however got fun curly straws monster and robot stickers, spinning tops, candy and jumping frogs. For the older girls I made them some cute fabric head bands that I will show you next week.
 It was a fun party and all the friends and family made it extra special.