Monday, June 6, 2011

Sewing Day 2

Many people go to goodwill now, I love that  being thrifty has become trendy. I love going to goodwill and garage sales in hopes of one thing most the time, FABRIC! I love finding something and looking to see what it can become. Some of the easiest is taking a women's shirt and turning into a sun dress for Miss C. I found this Liberty of London brand women's top for just 3.99 at goodwill. I loved the way it flared out and I knew I could change it pretty fast. All I did was take in the very top part and move the straps over. In about 20 min  we had a new dress! Miss C's favorite part, it is a "spiny"dress!


just the two of us said...

the dress turned out really cute, i love it. It is of course made even cuter by the model!!!

mclegg17 said...

YOU are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! I want to make some. Was it a sleeveless shirt or did you take out the sleeves and do stras somehow? If I find a shirt will you show me how to make one for Naomi?