Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunny Sunday afternoon

 In February one sunny Sunday afternoon after church Miss C asked me to take some pictures of her. I of course said YES!!! While daddy and brother played their video game the girls headed outside. We had so much fun! Miss C picked where she wanted to stand and the "poses" she wanted to make. My favorite kind of model.
    As I look over the picture from that afternoon I am struck by the fact she is growing up so fast. I know what you are thinking she is only four but I can not believe just how fast the time has gone. I love her personality and her spunk. I can not begin to tell you the many ways she has blessed my life. I realize I am often rushing so fast through each day with my to do list and errands that I often forget to stop and enjoy right now. The chance to pretend with her, play yet another round of sorry or Candyland, giggle over silly things, imagine a whole world where Barbie can do anything, attend school where she teaches me so many things, read another book, and so much more. I am missing the very reason I wanted to be a mom. House cleaning and cooking are not my purpose while they play a part in the bigger picture of motherhood they are not the greatest part. The part I love most and some days I do the least of is just stopping and be here in this moment! Well I could go on and on but we  are off to pick up Mister C from school and get a special treat to celebrate SPRING BREAK which I hope to fill with lots of special moments.
  I hope you enjoy these pictures from our moment together one sunny Sunday...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd cousins

The kids are very taken with the twins and love to visit them. I love watching them hold the girls and hear them talk about things they will teach them. It makes me think of the time I spent with the girl's  mom Alyse and the many many memories we have together. I loved all my cousins growing up and the fun times we had together. So many adventures over the years! I look forward to watching these four spending time together over the years and making memories of their own. 

Miss C and her buddy Savannah

Mr C and his buddy Madison

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

new pet

Last month we got a new pet! Mr C wanted a dog as he likes to say "mom every boy NEEDS a dog!" Miss C wanted a cat because they are SO cute. Well those who know me well know neither of those request were going to be granted. Instead we got a dragon scale beta fish. She is loveingly named Rosy. Notice the art work Mr C made her (the small folded paper in front of the bowl). According to Miss C she  also needed a large rock to look at too as she swims around. I love hearing the kids talk to the fish it is really sweet... It almost makes me consider the dog or cat. I said almost!