Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a few of the books we have been reading over the last year.
I am planning to start keeping a book journal for kids  of all the books we read each month. I wanted to highlight a few of our past favorites for you.
We loved Charlie and the Chocolate factory! However we barely made it through Charlie and the great glass elevator.
We read all the classic Amelia Bedilia and then stumbled upon the new ones. They are about a young Amelia Bedilia and her struggle to understand just what grown ups around her are really saying.
Dream Pig Little Pig is written by Kristi Yamaguchi and is about a little pig who follows everyone else's ideas of who she should be. Until one day she discovers for herself her own dream.
Junie B the first grade series is one of Mr. C's favorite books to read on his own. He loves that is is a good fit book(not to hard and not to easy) with lots of sparkling words(big words that describe or let you know something is about to happen)
We have read books 1-46 of the Magic Tree house Series along with many of the Guide books that go with it. I love that the adventures take place throughout history, so you learn while reading a great story.
Miss C loves any Max and Ruby books and we have read all of them at least three or four times.
Miss C also loves anything having to do with Narnia. She loves Lucy and reminds me eveytime we read it about her good friend Lucy :)
Thanks to the recomentation from our very kind children's librarian we started reading ordinary boy. This book is meant for older kids 4th grade and up. However Mr. C loves the stories of O boy and his life as the only boy living in City full of super heroes with out a super power of his own.
What little girl does not love Pinkalicious and the other books in this series?
We love the Ramona Quimby Serious and have read all of the books at least once. It was these books that got Mr C really excited to read. 

I know there are more books we have read but there are the ones that I remember the most. Do you have any good children's book recomendations?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween fun

This year we were so busy with all kinds of Halloween adventures. Friday night we went to Mr C's school and Cousin A was in town so she got to join us for the evening. Sunday was a Harvest party at Miss C 's school which included some amazing bouncy houses. Halloween morning I got to help in Miss C's party at school. Then that night we went trick or treating a few houses before we meet Grandma and Grandpa at there church for a harvest party. With all the fun and adventures I think next year we may plan a quiet night at home :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween costumes 2011

 Hope your Halloween was safe and fun. Our Link and Hermione had a wonderful fun filled Haloween weekend.

 Link from the Legend of Zelda game.

Hermione from Harry Potter.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

pumpkin patch

Germer Family Pumpkin day!!!

 A trip to Lee's farms which of coarse includes yummy delicious pumpkin donuts and a trip down the slide. Miss C wanted to ride with Grandpa and Mr C wanted to ride with Grandma. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for bring so willing to go down the slide!

The Boys talking after Uncle Tim and Mr C's adventure in the hay maze. You know how I am a stickler for the rules and so is my boy. I admit I am proud of that! Well the sign said 7 and older and he wanted to go so bad. He will not be 7 for another few weeks. We decided since Uncle Tim was going to go in it would be ok. Mr C gives the lady their tickets walks a few steps forward looks up at the sign and says to Uncle Tim " Are you sure I can go in it says 7 and I am only 6 and 1/2?" Uncle Tim reassured him and in they went. It seemed like they were in there a very long time. So I took Miss C over to ride on the barrel   pull. When I see Brian on the phone going behind the building of the corn maze. It seems Uncle T has called and can't find Colin in the maze...  The maze is dark and Colin kept running ahead and crawling in all the small tunnels. He would come find Uncle Tim and then run away saying Uncle Tim catch me. Oh, I forgot to tell you Uncle Tim had a hurt foot and was already limping around. A few minutes later I saw Tim come out of the maze and no Mr C. Brian headed in to find Mr C after hearing him laughing and trying to find his lost shoe. It seems when ever he found his way to the end he would head back through the maze. Dad was able to convince him to head out of the maze and head down the slide. 

After finding our pumpkins is was time to head back to the house for some soup and the annual pumpkin Cookie decorating. All in all a great day!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Carmel Apples

My very talented friend Lisa told me a way to make bite size Carmel apples. If you have not seen her blog you defiantly need to take the time to check it out. I promise you will not regret it.
Simply This...That And The Other
Not only is she a women of many talents she is kind hearted and has a deep love of Christ. When I grow up I hope I can be like her too :)

So back to the carmel apples I need to let you know somehow I miss understood a step along the way. That somehow I turned Lisa's yummy carmel apples into rock hard jaw breaking mess :) We however had a blast and laughed so hard over my mistake. I have yet to tell her just how bad I  messed up but I guess she knows now :)

 Miss C loved picking diffrent sprinkles and making the apples look "pretty". Mr C helped to but asked very politely to not have his picture taken today.

*** Warning do not eat even if the look amazing, they will chip teeth or worse!!!***

So as we threw away all our hard work. We decided to slice some apples up get a little carmel dip and some sprinkles and call it good. I think this is they way we will do it next year :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple Farm

I was lucky enough to be able to go to part of Mrs C 's school field trip. It was so much fun. We went to Oregon Heritage farms, the kids got to tour the apple factory, go on a hayride, taste apple cider , jump in a bouncy house, and get a pumpkin. 

Mister C made himself a notebook that morning before school so he could take notes. I love that about him! He wrote down all the different kinds of apples and the workings of the farm. He couldn't wait to tell his dad and sister that night all the things he had learned. I love that he has such a desire to learn! So many nights he and dad will spend so much time googling new topics to learn about and watching YouTube videos. The other night at bedtime he got out of bed to ask for another book. When I suggested some of his books from the Library he said " mom, I just really want some non fiction books to read". I hope that desire to learn never goes away! 

My favorite picture of the day!