Sunday, November 6, 2011

pumpkin patch

Germer Family Pumpkin day!!!

 A trip to Lee's farms which of coarse includes yummy delicious pumpkin donuts and a trip down the slide. Miss C wanted to ride with Grandpa and Mr C wanted to ride with Grandma. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for bring so willing to go down the slide!

The Boys talking after Uncle Tim and Mr C's adventure in the hay maze. You know how I am a stickler for the rules and so is my boy. I admit I am proud of that! Well the sign said 7 and older and he wanted to go so bad. He will not be 7 for another few weeks. We decided since Uncle Tim was going to go in it would be ok. Mr C gives the lady their tickets walks a few steps forward looks up at the sign and says to Uncle Tim " Are you sure I can go in it says 7 and I am only 6 and 1/2?" Uncle Tim reassured him and in they went. It seemed like they were in there a very long time. So I took Miss C over to ride on the barrel   pull. When I see Brian on the phone going behind the building of the corn maze. It seems Uncle T has called and can't find Colin in the maze...  The maze is dark and Colin kept running ahead and crawling in all the small tunnels. He would come find Uncle Tim and then run away saying Uncle Tim catch me. Oh, I forgot to tell you Uncle Tim had a hurt foot and was already limping around. A few minutes later I saw Tim come out of the maze and no Mr C. Brian headed in to find Mr C after hearing him laughing and trying to find his lost shoe. It seems when ever he found his way to the end he would head back through the maze. Dad was able to convince him to head out of the maze and head down the slide. 

After finding our pumpkins is was time to head back to the house for some soup and the annual pumpkin Cookie decorating. All in all a great day!

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