Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a few of the books we have been reading over the last year.
I am planning to start keeping a book journal for kids  of all the books we read each month. I wanted to highlight a few of our past favorites for you.
We loved Charlie and the Chocolate factory! However we barely made it through Charlie and the great glass elevator.
We read all the classic Amelia Bedilia and then stumbled upon the new ones. They are about a young Amelia Bedilia and her struggle to understand just what grown ups around her are really saying.
Dream Pig Little Pig is written by Kristi Yamaguchi and is about a little pig who follows everyone else's ideas of who she should be. Until one day she discovers for herself her own dream.
Junie B the first grade series is one of Mr. C's favorite books to read on his own. He loves that is is a good fit book(not to hard and not to easy) with lots of sparkling words(big words that describe or let you know something is about to happen)
We have read books 1-46 of the Magic Tree house Series along with many of the Guide books that go with it. I love that the adventures take place throughout history, so you learn while reading a great story.
Miss C loves any Max and Ruby books and we have read all of them at least three or four times.
Miss C also loves anything having to do with Narnia. She loves Lucy and reminds me eveytime we read it about her good friend Lucy :)
Thanks to the recomentation from our very kind children's librarian we started reading ordinary boy. This book is meant for older kids 4th grade and up. However Mr. C loves the stories of O boy and his life as the only boy living in City full of super heroes with out a super power of his own.
What little girl does not love Pinkalicious and the other books in this series?
We love the Ramona Quimby Serious and have read all of the books at least once. It was these books that got Mr C really excited to read. 

I know there are more books we have read but there are the ones that I remember the most. Do you have any good children's book recomendations?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back and catching us up on things that are going on with Colin & Calleigh. They are so fortunate to have loving, caring parents. Will be looking forward to more updates.