Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple Farm

I was lucky enough to be able to go to part of Mrs C 's school field trip. It was so much fun. We went to Oregon Heritage farms, the kids got to tour the apple factory, go on a hayride, taste apple cider , jump in a bouncy house, and get a pumpkin. 

Mister C made himself a notebook that morning before school so he could take notes. I love that about him! He wrote down all the different kinds of apples and the workings of the farm. He couldn't wait to tell his dad and sister that night all the things he had learned. I love that he has such a desire to learn! So many nights he and dad will spend so much time googling new topics to learn about and watching YouTube videos. The other night at bedtime he got out of bed to ask for another book. When I suggested some of his books from the Library he said " mom, I just really want some non fiction books to read". I hope that desire to learn never goes away! 

My favorite picture of the day! 

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