Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women March PDX

See these two sets of feet, they belong to two strong women. They belong to two women who long for people to know they are loved. They belong to sisters who have a hope that all of Gods children can live without fear. They belong to two friends who can't sit back and let hate and vulgar comments be passed off as just locker room talk or statements taken out of context. They belong to a mom and and aunt who want equal opportunities and health care. They belong to two introverts who normally would not join 100,000 people all crammed together one place for any reason, but today we did. Today we were part of history. Today we felt proud to tell friends, family and the children we love we did this for us and for them. Today we said we care about all people, and we made new friends. Today we saw something Beautiful. Today is a day we will never forget!