Sunday, April 22, 2012


I found this on Becky Higgins blog and loved the idea behind it for journaling!

i was … just thinking about the future and was truly excited. 
i am … dreaming big today!
i think … I have missed so many opportunities to make a difference because I was to self focused. 
i wonder … If I have said thank you enough
i wish …  I had a new camera :)
i save …  receipts but am very bad about putting them in the computer
i always … read at least a little from a book everyday
i can’t imagine … life without my family!
i believe … that God has plans for me are far greater reaching then my plans for myself. They also might be much more simple looking then I think :)
i promise … to try harder
i love … the feeling of taking the "one" picture I was hoping to get. 
I really want to hear some of your answers! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

imagination + planning= hours of fun

A few days ago I told you about Mr C and his creations and imagination. Well Miss C has a grand imagination as well. I love how she will tell me she plans on playing Barbies after school, and by the time she sets up each piece of furniture and the clothes out she already been busy for about an 45 min. Then the elaborated story begins. Today Barbie was getting married and all her friends were there to see it. They had to wear dresses and have their hair done before they could come to the wedding. Some even arrived on horseback.

The other toy that you love to play with this month is your Strawberry Shortcakes. You spend a great deal of time planing how to set it up and what order each person will arrive to the slumber party.

As I watch you play and listen to your stories you have created I am so proud of you. You show compassion, kindness, and true friendship even in your imaginary play. I hope you carry this oven to your real relationships as your life goes on. I hope you continue in the friendship you have and may they last a lifetime! As you make new friends in life may you show them your heart and kindness. Oh, watching you grow up is full of so much hope, and lots and lots of prayers to protect your sweet heart. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Leprechaun trap...

For school Mr C had to make a leprechaun trap. He decided to make his look like a party so the leprechaun would want to come in  and take a look around. We had fun putting the trap together, even if it was one of those homework for the parents kind of assignments :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friends and Sunshine...

A sunny afternoon + good friends = a lot of fun

Miss C and Miss L had all the babies and accessories outside and spend a very long time playing house. 

Mr C and Miss M made all kinds of plans to put on a circus for their little sisters. Which for some reason included his link costume :)

After the sidewalk chalk, the baby dolls, and the circus it was time to try flying a kite.

What a wonderful afternoon full of laughter and fun!

play time

Mr C.  I love how your imagination works. I love that you can spend hours creating grand adventures for you and your sister. I love that on weekdays when we will not let you play video games you come up with your own "game". On this one rainy afternoon you found your box of blocks in the back of your closet and set out to make your own adventure. You created an elaborate game full of different dungeons and bad guys for your hero to battle. I must admit as a momma I feel sad thinking there may be a day all to soon when you are to "grown up" to play. I hope that day is a long way off. I wish I could somehow stop time or be able to come back to these afternoons. Where you are not held back by the world and it's ideas but you are free to just be uniquely you. When your innocents shine through. When you play with the blocks made by my dad before you were even born and  added to by my Grandpa when you were just two. 
I love you Mr C and am so very lucky to be your momma! Please never stop imagining!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring sun

We had some snow this march but we also had some sunny saturdays too. 
Perfect for playing outside and some creative play dough and painting. 

Mr C thinking of what he wants to paint next. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Game Time....

I did not marry a sport fan, I loved that our lives did not revolve around game schedules and are DVR was not full of sporting events. Yes it is full of music stuff but I didn't mind that. Well all that changed last year when the Portland Timbers came back! Even the kids get into and borrow one of Daddy's scarfs and cheer loudly. As much as I didn't want to have a sports fanatic husband I am so glad he picked soccer! We all enjoy Timbers game nights. 

 Miss C did not want her picture taken can you tell :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

February and March Reading

So sorry we skipped a month so I have to combine two month together.

Miss C's favorite picks...

We have read every one of the Elephant and Piggie books!

Any Barbie book is a hit but this one is her favorite.

We read all the Llama Llama books, for some reason this was her favorite :)

Hugs from Pearl a super cute story!

Mr C's picks ...

Loved Hugo and we loved Wonder Struck. Two stories 40 years apart, one in pictures and one in words, till the merge together!

One of Brian's books from when he was a kid. Mr C loves this series all about a Dog and a Cat with a wild imagination. The adventures they have together trying to solve the cats latest theories.

The latest in The Magic Tree House Series, always a hit with both my Kids.

Anything Zelda is a hit for Mr. C

 The first kids book from the Author of Hugo and Wonder Struck

Non Fiction pick- 

My Picks...
What I read in February was The year of the Fog, Everyone is Beautiful, One Moment One Morning, and The Midwife's Confession. My Favorite was The Midwife's Confession and One Moment One Morning. 

March Reads..

**** Magic hour I really enjoyed reading, about a young girl who was kidnapped and then escaped after living in the woods with wolves. Then the women who "escapes" her own troubles by saving her.

***I liked this book and its tale of two twins who are forced to finally come together and really see each other as they work through their own new twist and turns in life.
 **The reading promise a story of a Father who is a Elementary school Librarian and his fourth grade daughter. They make a deal to read for one hundred nights straight and when that goes so well the keep up the streak till the day she goes to collage.  I thought this would be a good book to read but found it very slow and kind of boring. That being said it did encourage me to keep reading to my kids.
*****- Loved it
****- really enjoyed 
***- Liked it
**- it was ok
*- don't bother

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am Thankful for...

- do overs
- sunshine and open windows
- laughter after a stressful day
- a smile from the one I love
- the small  reminder that God's miracles are everywhere
- Starbucks ice tea with vanilla, a really good book and a warm sunny afternoon
- discussing what  grace means with my kids
- being so moved by a message that you can see your life is going to change
- having a dream reviled  that I never imagined could or would be possible, to see in a real way a ministry that would be so fulfilling and is truly a possibility.
- beginning a journey with friends by my side
- a plan that is God flexible :)
- the sounds of my son reading to his sister at night
- the hours my kids play together as the use there imagination to go on grand adventures and solve all kinds of mysteries
- teachers who care enough to go above what is asked, who care enough to see beyond the now and look to the future, who take joy in the work they do and look past budget cuts and all the politics and just do all they can to teach!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Snow

This march we had a few morning where we woke up to a little bit of snow. I felt kind of bad for the kids as I drove them to school knowing the snow would eve gone by the time morning recess came around. I was able to get just a few pictures over the days of snow. I love this picture of Miss C because of her outfit. After all who doesn't wear a jean skirt, cowgirl boots and a heavy winter coat that is about 2 sizes to big :) 
Mr C enjoyed the one morning that they had two hour delay not only because of the snow but he got to see his favorite little girls Savannah and Madison.