Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 months old!

It was my privilege and honor to spend some time with Madison and Savannah again to take pictures. I can not get over just how much they have changes in a few months time! I already have so many plans for the next set of pictures when they are sitting up and the sun is shinning. I wanted to share with you the a few of my favorite pictures from the day. Also a little story to go with a few of them. The sweaters in the pictures are made by the girl's great-great grandma Johnson who passed away many years ago. Their great grandma Johnson saved a few for future great grandchildren. The little booties are hand made as well!



Hats made by the very very talented and super sweet Jessica Ballanti




* Special thanks again to my in-laws The Germers for graciously letting me borrow their lens again. Hopefully soon I will have a new camera with the lens I need :)
Also to my sis Melissa for being my right hand gal.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of beautiful little girls! You have a gift Michelle! Thanks for sharing!


goose and bear said...

Lovely! They just keep getting cuter. Those smiles and bright eyes!
Beautiful photos, friend!

Jen said...

Beautiful girls, amazing photos!