Sunday, April 22, 2012


I found this on Becky Higgins blog and loved the idea behind it for journaling!

i was … just thinking about the future and was truly excited. 
i am … dreaming big today!
i think … I have missed so many opportunities to make a difference because I was to self focused. 
i wonder … If I have said thank you enough
i wish …  I had a new camera :)
i save …  receipts but am very bad about putting them in the computer
i always … read at least a little from a book everyday
i can’t imagine … life without my family!
i believe … that God has plans for me are far greater reaching then my plans for myself. They also might be much more simple looking then I think :)
i promise … to try harder
i love … the feeling of taking the "one" picture I was hoping to get. 
I really want to hear some of your answers! 

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