Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am Thankful for...

- do overs
- sunshine and open windows
- laughter after a stressful day
- a smile from the one I love
- the small  reminder that God's miracles are everywhere
- Starbucks ice tea with vanilla, a really good book and a warm sunny afternoon
- discussing what  grace means with my kids
- being so moved by a message that you can see your life is going to change
- having a dream reviled  that I never imagined could or would be possible, to see in a real way a ministry that would be so fulfilling and is truly a possibility.
- beginning a journey with friends by my side
- a plan that is God flexible :)
- the sounds of my son reading to his sister at night
- the hours my kids play together as the use there imagination to go on grand adventures and solve all kinds of mysteries
- teachers who care enough to go above what is asked, who care enough to see beyond the now and look to the future, who take joy in the work they do and look past budget cuts and all the politics and just do all they can to teach!

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