Saturday, April 21, 2012

imagination + planning= hours of fun

A few days ago I told you about Mr C and his creations and imagination. Well Miss C has a grand imagination as well. I love how she will tell me she plans on playing Barbies after school, and by the time she sets up each piece of furniture and the clothes out she already been busy for about an 45 min. Then the elaborated story begins. Today Barbie was getting married and all her friends were there to see it. They had to wear dresses and have their hair done before they could come to the wedding. Some even arrived on horseback.

The other toy that you love to play with this month is your Strawberry Shortcakes. You spend a great deal of time planing how to set it up and what order each person will arrive to the slumber party.

As I watch you play and listen to your stories you have created I am so proud of you. You show compassion, kindness, and true friendship even in your imaginary play. I hope you carry this oven to your real relationships as your life goes on. I hope you continue in the friendship you have and may they last a lifetime! As you make new friends in life may you show them your heart and kindness. Oh, watching you grow up is full of so much hope, and lots and lots of prayers to protect your sweet heart. 

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