Thursday, April 19, 2012

play time

Mr C.  I love how your imagination works. I love that you can spend hours creating grand adventures for you and your sister. I love that on weekdays when we will not let you play video games you come up with your own "game". On this one rainy afternoon you found your box of blocks in the back of your closet and set out to make your own adventure. You created an elaborate game full of different dungeons and bad guys for your hero to battle. I must admit as a momma I feel sad thinking there may be a day all to soon when you are to "grown up" to play. I hope that day is a long way off. I wish I could somehow stop time or be able to come back to these afternoons. Where you are not held back by the world and it's ideas but you are free to just be uniquely you. When your innocents shine through. When you play with the blocks made by my dad before you were even born and  added to by my Grandpa when you were just two. 
I love you Mr C and am so very lucky to be your momma! Please never stop imagining!

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