Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Saturday brian cleaned the carpets so the kids and I ran a few earns and then went to spend the day at Grandma and Grandpas house. Thank you by the way for letting us use the place. When Brian finished cleaning the carpets he came over to join us. We headed to the park for some fun. I brought the camera with me in hopes of getting some fun pictures. My kids did not disappoint..



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Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 year anniversary

One year ago I learned some new things and was reminded of even more...
just how precious life is, how your world can change within a moment, Just how an aunt and mom explains cancer to a child, how heart breaking the words we will just have to wait and see can feel, just how a pat on the back or a smile from a stranger can give you just a moment of hope, how awesome the family of God is, how friends and family can carry you when you feel like you are falling, how to celebrate the little things, how the human body is a million miracles happening each moment, God hears the prayers I can't even speak out loud, that courage and bravery are found so strong in the young, the ins and outs of a children's hospital, compassion!, never give up hope, you don't have to say the right thing sometimes the right thing is to just say nothing at all and give a hug, no matter your age your heart can feel broken too, the power of a friend, so many other things but the biggest one is My Hope is in Christ Jesus!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

pumpkin patch

Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with the whole Germer family and had so much fun!!! The weather was nice and we even got to have cookie day after the pumpkin patch. The kids had so much fun. They rode ponies, had their face painted, rode on a big slide, went in a bounce house, and yes even got a pumpkin. I took so many pictures but here is my tree favorite...

I will have to post more later of the big slide, and some of our crazy cookies.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

last weekend

We went for the most amazing walk around the Nike campus. Grandma and Grandpa were there to get some anniversary pictures done my very talented and wonderful Kim (check out her pictures here she is amazing!) Grandma needed to use our mini van so we joined them. I had so much fun watching Kim take pictures. she even convinced me to take a few of my own. This one is my favorite (looks better when you view it larger).

Brian walked the kids all around and I was able to snap a few of them too. Little mister loved the lake! he wanted it to be wallowa lake :)
Little miss was so taken with just how beautiful grandma looked that day and her pretty flowers. She is still talking about it!
I love this picture of my family walking across the bridge!!! look at daddy and Little Mister holding hands and little Miss walking at her own pace on her own( I do it!)

The princess with her daddy.
It was one of my favorite days this fall!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

out for a walk

The other day the sun was shinning and the kids asked if the y could go for a walk. I was more then happy to get out of the house. Then Little Mister asked if we could make it be a scavenger hunt and we could take pictures of the things we find. So after writing out every shape, color, letter, and number we were going to find we headed out the door. As we started the hunt Little Mister asked if he could take the picture. Taking a deep breath and explaining how carful you have to me be with the camera I let him have it. Seeing brother with the camera Little Miss wanted a turn too. So the following digi scrapbook page is full of pictures they took( with some help from mom) on our fun walk together.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corn Maze

The older cousins had no school on Friday so we meet at the corn maze for an afternoon of fun and adventure. I have always wanted to do a corn maze and never have. I am so glad we did it all together. The kids were very excited to get started.
We started out telling them which way to go and soon realized they wanted to figure it out by themselves. They mad all the decisions and sure enough they got us out just fine.
which way do we go?
Little miss wanted to find her own way too, right through the corn stalks!
mom take my picture..(click on picture for a clearer view)
take my picture too mom!
We had so much fun!!! I have of course lots more pictures and will post a few more later. What did you do over the beautiful weekend we had?

Monday, October 5, 2009

september updates

Little Mister started preschool and is enjoying it. He loves his teacher and can't wait to tell me every thing he did. He loves having Jobs and "homework". I am sure that will change over the years. He is looking to a field trip coming up and picture day on Friday.
We have had a few rough drop off's in the morning because he really want his favorite friend to be in his class but she comes on another day . However by the time I pick him up all he talk about is what a great day he had.
Not much else is happening around here. We have been saving up for a while and sold some stuff on craig's list so we could get a Wii. The kids were excited to get one but we did not tell them when we got it off ebay we decided to wait till the Wii and all the games arrived in the mail. They were so excited the day the mailman brought a big box to the house but had no idea what was in it. We waited for daddy to get home to open it. Little miss started clapping and say " A Wii Grandma and Grandpa have that too". To our surprise this is what little mister did...
About an hour his face was still sad. He thought we were getting new toys...

However the next day after daddy got it all set up he was having fun.
Most every night the kids love to play Wii fit while I am getting dinner ready. It is so nice they both go for a long run and practice different balance games. We also have been having some fun family nights. This last Friday it was dinner and a movie night. Which included Little Misters favorite food POPCORN! The two of them snuggle up together in the same chair and have a snack it is really cute to see them snuggled together. However as soon as I got the camera out they didn't want to sit together any more. Hope you and your family are finding to do some fun things together.