Monday, October 5, 2009

september updates

Little Mister started preschool and is enjoying it. He loves his teacher and can't wait to tell me every thing he did. He loves having Jobs and "homework". I am sure that will change over the years. He is looking to a field trip coming up and picture day on Friday.
We have had a few rough drop off's in the morning because he really want his favorite friend to be in his class but she comes on another day . However by the time I pick him up all he talk about is what a great day he had.
Not much else is happening around here. We have been saving up for a while and sold some stuff on craig's list so we could get a Wii. The kids were excited to get one but we did not tell them when we got it off ebay we decided to wait till the Wii and all the games arrived in the mail. They were so excited the day the mailman brought a big box to the house but had no idea what was in it. We waited for daddy to get home to open it. Little miss started clapping and say " A Wii Grandma and Grandpa have that too". To our surprise this is what little mister did...
About an hour his face was still sad. He thought we were getting new toys...

However the next day after daddy got it all set up he was having fun.
Most every night the kids love to play Wii fit while I am getting dinner ready. It is so nice they both go for a long run and practice different balance games. We also have been having some fun family nights. This last Friday it was dinner and a movie night. Which included Little Misters favorite food POPCORN! The two of them snuggle up together in the same chair and have a snack it is really cute to see them snuggled together. However as soon as I got the camera out they didn't want to sit together any more. Hope you and your family are finding to do some fun things together.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. It was fun reading about what has been going on with the family and I'm so happy that Colin likes school.
G & G-Gs