Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First day of spring

While playing outside on the first day of spring I decided to record the kids conversation. They had set up a table and were having a bowl of shaved ice to celebrate spring. I went inside got a paper and a pencil and decide to write down everything the said for a few minutes. I am so glad I did!!!

Just sitting there eating for a few seconds when Little Mister smiles and looks at his sister. He then says" sister I love you"

Sister- "I love you too"
Brother- "I love you 20 times, that's a lot! How much do you love me?"
Sister- She stands up reaches her arms up and says " I love you as big high as I can"
Brother- "WOW that's a lot!"
both sit quiet for a bit eating their snack
Brother- "what do you call a big piece of ice?"
Mom -"do you mean an iceberg"
Brother- yes, sister I just ate an iceberg"
Sister- "wow, bubby that's cool" long pause " bubby, what's an ice burr?"
to which we all laugh
Brother- "you are so funny!"
"do you want to wear short sleaves? it is hot out. I just pull up my pant
legs and my shirt so the wind blows on my tummy"
Sister- "ok bubby me to"
Brother- "NO! sister you have to be model and not show your tummy" (instead of modest)
Sister - "oh I forgot"
Brohter- "want to play hide n seek?"
Sister- "ok my bubby"


Alyse said...

priceless...thanks for sharing

Thrive said...

I wanna be a model too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and precious conversation to get to "listen in" on. Thanks for sharing! :)