Saturday, May 26, 2012

Germer Family Day

Having a CPA for a husband means at a young age my kids learn what April 15 means. We decided when we finished our first tax season as a couple the day after or close to we would take a day off work and just spend time together. That has continued every year and the kids really look forward to it. Some years we have gone low key and some we have taken a mini vacation to the coast. This year we opted for low key. We started the day with some yummy homemade donuts! Then Miss C did not want to miss school so the boys stayed home and played their Zelda video game. After school we had lunch then headed of to an afternoon at Safari Sam's. The kids had so much fun! I must be honest and say this was not our first choice for a family day but the rain left us with few options. We ended up making homemade pizza for dinner and watching a movie. The best part of the day... knowing we made it through another tax season. One of the years I will remember to get a family photo :)

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