Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool Birthday Fun...

The week of Miss C's Birthday she was star of the week at school and got to bring a treat to share one day for snack. I had so much fun watching her chose which friends she was going to sit with and the things they talked about. Todays topic was which Barbie movie is the best and which Disney princess is best. I think it was decided Mermaid tail was the best Barbie movie and Tangled or Belle is the best princess. I feel so blessed that she was part of this preschool and the friends she has made.

Show and tell time, today it was her puppies from Uncle Matt and Aunt kathy, other toys were her Barbie mermaid book, a princess doll from her friend Maryn, Build a Bear kitty cat and a dog that makes noise.

Sharing pictures from her star of the week poster. She picked out each one of the pictures for her board!

Telling her friends about her favorite things. 
Color- pink, purple, and Yellow
food- spaghetti
animal- cat specifically a cheta
things to do- read, color and play barbies
Way to go Miss C you are my little star every week!

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goose and bear said...

Her star-board was the best ever!