Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Half Birthday....


What a blessing you are little miss you have added so many things to our lives! Besides sleepless nights :) you are a joy and we treasure your spunk and smiles. You have grown up so much and learning so many new things. I love the way you and your brother are playing together and how protective of each other you are. I love your snuggles and the way you say mama, Daddy and bubby. You bring such joy and laughter to our lives Happy half Birthday!
Yesterday Little Miss started her half birthday with pancakes and a gift that Little Mister picked out all by himself.

He even helped her open her brand new Snow white doll. Yes it is the same doll cousin Ammy has, I think that is why Little Mister picked it out.

Getting lots of snuggles and Half birthday hugs from daddy while holding "whi Barbie"


melissa said...

you truly are a blessing. I love you so much. Your smiles, hellos and big running hugs make my life happier. I love you very much Happy Half birthday little princess.


Tim said...

I love that her half birthday is almost on my birthday. I didn't realize that.

goose and bear said...

Wow! Happy half birthday little miss spunk! I'm so glad Lucy has you for a friend!