Saturday, November 1, 2008

Today Ammy was having a tough time. She is refusing the pain meds (she doesn't like the taste) but is in lots of pain. So it was hard to get a smile but we finally got some. Well Uncle Sean got most of them. Ammy got to see more of her cousins today and that made her so happy. Unfortunately her Cousin K who is like one of her best buds is sick so she missed them.
She did great during PT again today. Practicing sitting to stand motion 3 times. Was in her stander and played potato head, throwing a ball at Uncle Sean and princess stickers. Not her favorite time of day but she was a real trooper.
When I talked to her a bit ago he was going to go on a wagon ride and have a movie and popcorn party with mom while in her big girl chair. We will see if that makes the time in the chair more bearable :)
Hopefully tomorrow will bring more smiles then today with the pain meds under control. Thanks again for all your prayers, visits and encouragement Beth and Ammy feel so blessed and up lifted by all of you!

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Heather said...

Is there anything special that Ammy would really like to have to play with, read, etc? She really is a trooper and such a beautiful princess! Love to all of you!