Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big move

Well Ammy has now official moved to Emmanuel children's hospital in the rehabilitation center. Both of them are nervous and anxious but know this is the best place for her right now. Aunt Melissa is being a huge help in getting them settled and being with Ammy while Beth is going thru paperwork, meeting people, and trying to process all the info given to her. My good friend Jen P. works there and is on her way to welcome them and bring her great big smile.
Ammy will be doing intensive PT and OT therapy or as Beth calls it boot camp. This means visiting hours are very strict here. Ammy can have visitors mon-friday 4pm to 8:30 pm, Saturday 2pm to 8:30pm, Sunday all day. unfortunately it can change day to day depending on if Ammy chooses to be part of any of the events offered. I will try to let you know here or a note on her door. She is in room 3536 elevator B
The neurologist spoke with Beth today and her spinal tap came back clean. THey also gave some information on the treatment plan for the cancer. Disclaimer here this may not answer your questions just create more but this the info we have. Because of the fact that radiation stays in your system and the harm it can do to your body the doctors have to weigh the effects of the cancer with the effects of the radiation. The have decided because this is such a slow growing type of cancer they would like to monitor it through MRI's and then maybe due surgery to remove some if needed. The surgery would not be like this last one at all. The effects and things happening now are due to the cancer in her spine not the surgery alone. keep in mind she went into surgery not being able to walk or use her arms. From my understanding they will do another MRI in about a month, then every three months and then we will see from there. To sum it up wait and see is what we got. So for now we pray and focus on PT and OT thus the need for "boot camp".
Sorry if this left you with more questions then answers but that is all we got :)
I will be up there on Monday so I will try to post more pictures then to show the kinds of things she will be doing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. It helps to be able to pray more specifically for Beth and Ammy. Hope the transition will be smooth for them and that the experience at Emmanuel will be as positive. In your previous post with pictures it was nice to see Ammy's smiles and brighter eyes. We continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

We "ditto" what Loretta wrote, she put it very well.

Beth and Ammy continue in our prayers!

J Powell's

johnsonandjohnson said...

Brian and I have been praying for Ammy and the family. Thanks for the updates!