Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday updates from sassy Ammy

Spending the day with Ammy and having so much fun! She is doing so well today. She is lifting her legs on her own. bending her knees and moving her arms. The doctors face was pricless he was so surpised at how fast she is recovering. I took some pictures today so I will post them later tonight. She is doign so much I know I am going to miss something.
We did not find out the official results of the tumor but what we did find out is that they are pretty sure it is not malignant. So they will decide the corse of treatment hopefully this weekend. It will either be radiation or observation. The doctors seem hopefull when talking to us.
I will try to post pictures of her physical therapy.


Anonymous said...

okay, so the "unoffical" news is that the tumor is malignant? How do they know that before they get the results?

Thrilled that Ammy is having a great day!

Janice P

meg said...

they test the cells at least five or six times before they give the reults. Also Beth was a little confused on the info she gave me. I have editted the post after I got more info. Sorry about that.

goose and bear said...

Praise God for Ammy's progress! I can't tell you how happy I am to read this post. Thanks again for the daily updates...not a moment goes by that Ammy (and all of you) are not in my prayers.

Much Love!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Ammy's making good progress. We'll keep praying about what the future holds.

Thanks for keeping us updated Michelle.


Missarrie said...

Jumping up and down with praise!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God and may it be so....not malignant! Continuing to pray for Ammy's healing and Beth's peace of mind.

Janice and Jerry P