Monday, October 27, 2008

monday morning update

Spent the night at the hospital with Ammy so Beth could get some much needed rest. She was running a fever most the night so they are checking to make sure there is no infection anywhere. As of this morning the fever was gone and she had some reflexes in her feet. Which as the Dr said not an answer just a good sign. She was able to give a thumbs up to the Nuro surgeon, which is the most we have seen her use her hand. Our concern this morning is now she is off sedation she is beginning to realize something is wrong and her body is not working like it should. Her spirits seem low and she will be meeting with a child life therapist this morning who will be able to talk with her and enplane to her what is going on. around 4am she asked me where she was and then has been very quite but awake for about an hour after that. I did however hear a laugh as we decided to watch Cinderella to take her mind off things. I will update again later when I know more about her meeting with the life therapist. Right now I am off to some needed time with my two little ones. Thanks again for all your love and support.

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Missarrie said...

Michelle: Thank you so much for the updates.