Sunday, October 5, 2008


So you would think with my first week home we would of had many adventures with the letter D. Well we did but not the kind I planned on. The kids and I had so fun and thanks to my friend Lisa's advice we had a clean house, dinner ready each night and lots of fun together.Here is a review of our week.
Doughnuts with dad and mom on Saturday.

Drawing has become little misters favorite pastime. This is one of the many picture he made last week. On the left is a fire truck with a fire man and his hat. They are putting out the fire in the first building while a "fire" dog watches.

Destruction was the other D word that we had this week. Little mister accidentally spilled dark pink nail polish all over the bathroom and we had to have someone come out and clean the floors. The walls still need to be sanded, re textured, painted with a special paint then repaint the whole thing. The wood finish may have to be redone on the side of the cabinet and the bathroom stool will never be the same. In all the craziness I didn't get a picture but I did get later that day this one of little miss and her new favorite pastime. She loves to take all the movies off the self and "read" the booklets inside.She did this mess in a matter of minutes.

dancing princess...

Crazy duck puppet that really quakes when you open it's mouth.

Other delightful things not pictured...
friends, church family, late night talk with dear friends, late night talks with wonderful husband, sisters, and seeing my kids smile and learn new things.


.k.h. said...

That's funny...I had a late night talk with dear friends too! :) Meant to post about this last week, but Colin is an amazing artist! His pictures are SO awesome!!!

goose and bear said...

Wow, little man's drawing skills are pretty amazing! What a fun D week you had!