Thursday, October 30, 2008

A glimpse at Physical therapy

I asked Ammy today if I could take some pictures of her therapy time and she agreed to all photo's shared today. I am trying my best to respect her privacy and keeping everyone informed, sometimes a fine line. She likes her physical Therapist just not the work they make her do. Today she showed them all the things she can do different from yesterday. She touched her nose, lifted her legs up and different things she was asked to do.

She sits up but hates it the whole time. It is a bit scary for her and she is afraid it is going to hurt like before her surgery. I was kind of surprised she asked me to take a picture of it.

This is her playing a game with the occupational therapist she had to slide the cards around and make a match while in her stander. Another thing she is not so fond of.

Walking around the hall in the stander. Again she was not to happy about it but she still did it anyway.

Is that a smile for the therapist? No, Aunt Sissa is helping her practice pushing the buttons on her princess wand.

Ammy listening to a story with her friend from church read by the one of her teachers at OHSU.

All of these things plus all the doctors checking in on her have her pretty warn out by about noon where she eats a little then tries to get some rest. If you do come to visit between 12 and three please keep in mind she is very tired. Beth has noticed she does not want to sleep while visitors are there so she ask if you could keep your visit brief during that time it would be much appreciated. Ammy and Beth both enjoy the visit and seeing friends and family it is uplifting to them both. THANK YOU!!!

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AK said...

Thanks for the pics! She's doing so great!