Tuesday, October 28, 2008

good news

Ammy ate cereal,fries, a little bit of a hamburger. She seemed to really perk up and started to respond to people more and even was laughing and making jokes. She is enjoying the cards and pictures other kids have sent up. Her room is looking very bright and cheery. Last night she started screaming out in pain about her legs while a bit scary and sad to hear it was a good thing. She moved her feet on her own while yelling out and they think it may be due to feeling returning to her legs. You know that tingle you get after your legs are asleep, that what the think she was feeling.
I just got a call and this morning she was able to bend her knees on her own!!! All these things are so amazing as I was told yesterday that the chance was very high that she would not be able to use her legs again. She still has a long road ahead but each movement is a cause for celebration.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section and I will try my best to answer them.
please keep praying for her and her parents.

Ammy and Little Mister with the Child Life Specialist Mrs Joan. Who was amazing not only for Ammy but really helped Little Mister and gave me lots of answers on how to ask his every growing questions. He came home with two stuffed animals and doctor stuff. Last night he helped his Spider get better. Ammy even let him practice on her. He asked her with deep sincerity when he was done giving her pretend shots and bandages if he made her feel better. She respond with a smile and said yes. It's these moments that really get to me.


Heather said...

This sounds like very good progress! We continue to pray for Ammy and send our love.


Missarrie said...

What a blessing to hear that she is making such great progress. We will continue to pray.
Michell would you please email me your phone number or call me at the shop? I have a question about bringing up some food.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please let us know how we can mail something to Ammy. MAcy and I would love to visit, but can't squeeze it in after school and she will be at the CIY middle school event this weekend. Possibly Sunday we can pop in depending on her homework load.

What I want most is to send Ammy a card every day. Also, what could she enjoy in the realm of a toy? She is missing Halloween, but I don't know if she dresses up or not for that, so wondered about something cutsy for Halloween even.
I just read the blog and had no idea of the extent of the paralysis, so now we have specifics to pray for. My greatest prayer is for her to dance for her Lord...to be able to dance to her heart's content.

We love her to pieces and pray for her often.

Lynn, Macy, Bryce and Will