Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday...

I am hoping each Thursday to leave you with something to think about or a way you can reach out to someone around you. It will look different each week some weeks just a photo, link to another site where you can get involved, fun crafts to share, or my random ramblings.
This week a random rambling... Please stick with me I really want to know what you think!

Saturday (9/11) there were pictures of the Twin Towers posted everywhere and remembrances of that awful day. As I was reflecting on that day I started thinking about the days and months that followed and was saddened by what I began to realize. Do you remember how all the sudden it didn't matter what political party you were with, what your opinion was on "the issues" it just mattered that you were a fellow American? It seemed the country began to slow down and took time to say hello to each other and even attempted to get to know their neighbors. I will not play stupid and deny that the war didn't began to tear people apart but I will say I miss people genuinely caring about each other. My dad often joked about the fact that here in the USA we often ask complete strangers what political party they are with or who they voted for but avoid the conversation on what your faith is. In England where he is from it was the opposite experience people often discussed where they went to church but hardly ever politics.
How do we get back to that place where people are people each unique and valuable? When we take the time to get to know our neighbors? Where we slow down and see what really matters in life? Where we value people over opinions? How do we remember to love and care for each other rather then judge?
I realized I hardly know my neighbors and we have lived here for years! This is where I want your advice or suggestions, What can I do to get to know my neighbors better?


Becky said...

I love your new ideas for this year! I found that when I was outside with my kids, it was easier to meet the neighbors. Since then, I have to make an effort to take some cookies, muffins, flowers, etc. over to share and maybe then get to visit with them a little. It was easier to have my kids make cards or help make things to share than to do it by myself. You have reminded me though of the importance of that. Thanks!

Jen said...

I am awful at getting to know neighbors, some how J started playing with the boy down the street and then I slowly got to know a few but now the kids aren't outside all that much so it seems like I'm not up on the neighborhood news.

I hope some experts will stop by and leave us both some advice. I love your new days and can't wait to see what comes next!