Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday School

Each Sunday I will post what we have been learning this week in our at home preschool. I had hoped to do more this week with the letter A but to tell you the truth I am so glad we didn't. We are still trying to figure out our daily routine with Kindergarten starting and trying to find balance between keeping up the house, preschool, and enjoying the time we have together. We are going to continue in the letter of the week this school year but I want to make family time come first so some weeks there may be very little to share with you.

Letter A

While the sun was out at the beginning of the week. The kids enjoyed playing with play dough out on the deck. While it was raining we worked on some practicing of writing the letter A in our workbooks.

We did some apple tasting one night after dinner. The kids loved the "yellow" apples while mom and dad loved the Granny Smith green apples. Little miss loved the carmel sauce they got to try after tasting each apple.
Little Miss played for hours one morning with corn starch and water. I left it out and Brother played with it too when he got home. It has nothing to do with the letter A but it was hours of fun and great "science" experiment.
We read the book Apples To Oregon that Grandma bought the kids last year after meeting the Author at her work . This is a very cute book about bring apple trees and other fruit trees across the Oregon trail.

And what week would not be complete with out some sort of craft. I got the idea from the website Homeschool creations. First was a lower case a apple. Then the next day was a Upper case A alligator.

Lastly today we are making some warm red cinnamon applesauce. (warm applesauce with red hot candies in it) Something I remember having as a kid but have not made for my kids yet. Yummy!!!
What have you been doing at home this week?


Anonymous said...

I love your postings and the pictures and I look forward to reading and seeing them every day.

just the two of us said...

must be the weather... tonight we have planned sausage and potatoes of coarse with mom's red hot applesauce!I have been craving it all week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
What a great idea to ue playdough to form the letters. The apple and lligator a's are cute too. Carrie and I are doing your memory verse of the month with the kids. Do you ahve any ideas on how to teach or illustrate goodness to the kiddos?

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

meg said...

I give my kids the shape of the month cut out of paper in the color of the month each night and we write on it each night one way they showed Goodness or what ever thing we are working on. We then hung them on a string adding to them each night for the whole month.
I will send you a verse or give you one on friday.