Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Friday

A few weeks ago my brother and sis were in town so we planned a fun get together in the park with the whole family. I am so annoyed that I didn't take the chance to get a group photo of all but one of the cousins together. I however was able to get a least one picture of each of them. It always makes me so happy to see the cousins all playing together. I have some amazing cousins and remember great memories with them over the years. I hope the kids continue to enjoy time together as they get older. I just love these kids so much!

Miss K I love your laughter and silliness.

Miss G I love your quiet gentle ways.

Mister E I love how you patiently teach the other kids new things, and your sense of adventure.

Little Mister I love your curious mind and kind heart.

Little Miss I love your determination and smile.

Brian I love how you are the "Big Kid" on the playground and always want to have fun with the kids. Plus I have heard you are the only one who can do an under dog on the swing the right way.

Cousin A I love your positive spirit and courageous heart.

Miss A I love your on the go spirit( almost every picture of you is blurry because you were on the go) You also have the greatest laugh that makes me smile.

Can't wait to see all of you soon!

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Becky said...

Beautiful pictures of a wonderful day.