Friday, September 10, 2010

outlive your life

Another book review in just a few days. This book however I LOVED!!!! I do happen to love most books by Max Lucado but this one might be a new favorite. The book titled Out Live Your Life is written so well and you can't read it with out wanting to make a difference. Max writes in a way that encourages and inspires you. He tells just how God longs to use the ordinary or average to do mighty and great things. He writes to inspire you to look around you see the needs, see the pain and act. Don't put up that wall that makes it easy to ignore the suffering in this world but see and do something. His examples of people and the differences the have made in lives around them is hopeful and moving. What would it be like to live this life hoping to better the lives of those around you and future generations? What if long after you are gone your love and compassion was still talked about? What if God's work in you is still seen long after you have left this world? To know it only takes a prayer, hear God whisper and act on it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has dreams and hopes of making a difference, to anyone who is tired of just getting by each day, to someone who longs to be more then ordinary to be someone God can do great things trough.

I recently heard of a friend who is begin to do amazing things that will long outlive her life. I would like to share her dream with you. Kelsey Habig has begun the work to open a home for adults with disabilities locally. The website says this about the future plans.

Hopes Journey plans to provide services to individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live on their own and become self-sufficient, while working on job related skills. The clients would be adults with disabilities over the age of 21 with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy and other neurological disabling conditions. We will have the flexibility to meet the individual needs and desires of mainstreamed adults transitioning out of high school. The service will be provided at a safe residential community housing. The living style will be in a house with multiple bedrooms, separate men and women’s restrooms and shared living and kitchen space. In addition to helping these clients gain independent job skills, we will also help in the independence of living skills. This would include learning to make meals, doing laundry, cleaning, telling time, reading a schedule, keeping a budget and how to use public transportation.

Please take a chance to check out the website and look for a way you can help Kelsey "outlive her life" . What ways can you reach out and outlive your life?

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