Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 4

Today was a busy day! The kids woke up at 6am. Way to early for me!! We were out of most breakfast food and I was scrambling to find something to feed my children. Then a pleasant surprise a knock on the door, cousin A was here. Not really a surprise she comes every Friday I just forgot. Got all three ready for School and out the door. First stop A to school, next Little Mister to school, last Little Miss and I are off to Bible study at church. I had a wonderful time with the Ladies there and enjoy each of them so much! Little Miss played with her favorite little buddies and two wonderful teachers. After getting Little Mister from school, a quick stop at the store we were home in time for a late lunch and nap time. However all my kids wanted to do was draw a new activity from the jar. Both were very pleased with today's activity. After nap we made a big Happy Birthday Jesus poster. They worked on this together happily for almost 45 min. To me that is a successful activity!

I promise to do Little Miss's hair for the next days activity :)

I hope you and your family are enjoying the season. As always I would love to hear what things you might be doing with your family too.


goose and bear said...

I LOVE your new header and blog theme thingy. And what a great idea to make a poster!

Becky said...

Super easy idea to make a poster- how fun!