Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent , Doctors, and School programs...

What a crazy week 3 Doctors appointments, advent activities, school program, school party, plus trying to finish up Christmas gifts. I am exhausted! For advent on the 16 the kids were going to paint some ornaments. Lucky for me our wonderful babysitters brought over some cute mask for the kids to make and they lost all interest in painting. Day 17 was shop and find a gift for Grandma and Grandpa and Nana plus make one too. Today we made some cute little houses out of foam kits. That was crazy!! Next time I think I will put the house together and then let the kids decorate rather then struggle to figure it out as they are asking lots of questions.
We also had an MRI for Cousin A this week on Tuesday and a follow up appointment on Wednesday. The scan came back clear, meaning no new cancer growth!!! However it looks like she has some excess fluid built up where her tumor was. It should be fine and they will check it again in 3m time. On Thursday it was Little Misters turn at the doctor. He had his first eye test and hearing test and passed both. For those of you who know his struggles with making it on a growth chart to staying in a descent range for any amount of time you will be happy to hear he is in the 25%. Little miss not wanting to be left out also took a vision screening test and wanted to have the doctor look at her too.
Today was Little Misters school party and what a blast. On the way home he was so sad because he was afraid his friends and teachers might forget him over break. As you can see a very busy week and now we are on to the weekend!

So proud of himself right before the big show...
He practiced His songs everyday at home for his program.

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Becky said...

Love your pictures! Your little guy looks so grown up! I have another idea- maybe for another year. You can make the kid's first initials out of dough, put 1/2 a paperclip in the top, bake it, and paint it. We still have a "S" from when mine was 2.