Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent day 11 and 12

Day 11 and 12 have been probably my two most favorite activities! Last night the kids and I made pizza for dinner. We covered the whole front room with "sitting blankets" and left some "snuggle blankets" out if we needed them, Little misters idea. We had a picnic on the floor all together when daddy got home and watch The Santa Clause Movie. We laughed so hard, enjoyed some popcorn, and even made it to bed by 8:30 :).
I didn't get a picture of the movie night but here is Little Miss playing Santa while we were setting up the blankets.
Today was so much fun and so simple! We danced to Christmas Music. The Cd of choice for dancing at our house is a CD I got from one of the music reps when I worked at the Christian book store many many years ago. When I got it I only liked a few songs but now we all have so much fun with it. Very upbeat punk, alternative and crazy fun. It's called Christmas In Heaven . Our Favorite song to dance to is "There's no Christmas on the moon" sung by Thee Spives.
We also enjoy "The Grinch" Sung by Sixpence None The Richer
The kids and daddy even played music instruments to our other favorite."Merry Christmas, I don't want to fight tonight" sung by The Huntingtons

Daddy even became a human drum. You really do rock!
A very merry fun filled night at the Germers!!

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Becky said...

Sometimes the simplest things bring so much joy! Love seeing the kids dancing in their Santa hats.