Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent13,14, and 15

I will try not to overload you with pictures like the last post. This week is crazy busy but we are still doing activities every day. Day 13 the kids made bracelets for friends with some foam beads and jingle bells. I would show you but I was so busy helping I didn't take any pictures. Day 14 also two of there Aunts birthdays we colored and did some different activity sheets we got on line and from the very sweet Mrs.Becky B. (thank you!)
Today we made wooden spool wish list ornaments. Little Mister wrote his own which was fun plus he had a whole new list of things that I think Santa will have up in his shop.

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Please share what traditions or activities you and your family are up to. I can always use some motivation and new ideas :)


KT said...

I heard about this tradition when my oldest was just a toddler so I thought I would try it and it is a hit with our family. I heard of a family who wanted their kids to not just rush to the tree on Christmas morning to see what Santa left so they used the Mary and Joseph from their nativity set and had them travel around their house during December. We start ours as far from the tree as they can get and every couple of days they move a bit closer to the manger and the tree. The kids know these two have to be left where they are found. On Christmas Eve they arrive at the manger and on Christmas morning we go to the manger first to see if Jesus is there. Does that make sense? Just a fun game and it keeps our focus on Jesus. This year the kids have tried making "traps" for Mary and Joseph made out of legos to see if that stops them from getting closer to "Bethlehem". Sorry for the long post.

Becky said...

Katie, Love your idea of a traveling Mary and Joseph! Michelle- cute idea. You do so many neat things with your kids. They will have wonderful memories of their childhood and great family traditions. Thanks for sharing with us!