Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Advent 23 was to make cookies for santa. I wish I could have got some good pictures but we were just to busy decorating. The 24 the kids listed three things they were thankful for to God. It was cute to hear there answers!
Our Holiday was packed full of traditions old and new. Christmas Eve we started our morning off at our yearly trip to Krispy Kreme.

The kids this year picked to each have a very large Chocolate donut. Little Mister had no problem keeping clean and enjoyed about half of his donut. Little Miss ate about 1/4 and smiled so big...

Not even dad could resist that cute little face.
We then headed off down town and we went to see santa at Norstrums but he is no longer at that store. We were very sad as that was one of our favorite places to see santa! We decided to go to Pioneer Square and see santa there. On the way we stopped off in the square and were able to find Brian's name on a brick. We joke about looking for it every year and this year we really did find it!
After a very long wait the kids got to see Santa and even have snow falling down through the mall. Little Mister asked for a coloring book and Little Miss asked for a Barbie. This was defiantly the high light of there day.

We then headed off for our annual picture at the square. So I forgot to get the picture from Grandpa so we will have to show you later. Last dinner at Rock Bottom with the whole group.
A new thing we did this year was head straight home after dinner watch a movie with the kids. We skipped all the church services but plan to do them as the kids get older. For now we read the Christmas story to the kids before bed and enjoyed a quiet evening at home. Another wonderful Christmas Eve.


just the two of us said...

Little miss looks so grown up in these pictures. I am glad you guys could have so much fun!

Becky said...

Love your pixs! Thanks for sharing them and your neat family traditions.