Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2

Twenty three days left and so far all the gifts I attempted to make tonight failed me. I guess it could be I messed up but really I did follow the directions step by step. One thing that did not get messed up was todays advent events. The kids wrote letters to Santa. It was cute to watch them make pictures and decide together what they were going to ask Santa for. This year was a change in that Little Mister wanted to write his own letter. It was so much fun to watch him concentrate and write his letter stopping to ask for help on how to spell words. I think Santa however is going to have his work cut out for him on the request this year. I don't know how your house works but Santa brings one small present and fills your stocking. After all he only has one Sleigh and lots of kids. However the kids can ask for four or five things to give santa options and ideas of what they might like to have.
Little Misters List:
Cat in the Hat coloring book
A giant Stuffed Penguin
Electric train set

Little Miss:
Barbie Coloring book
Baby doll with hair and comb
Barbie book
Green Eggs and Ham book (which we already own)
A Christmas Barbie Like Grandma's that she can play with

To get our focus back to Jesus's Birthday we continued in doing the Jesse tree and the kids were excited to hear the story tonight and even remembered last nights(and I thought they were not pay any attention at all). We got them a little tree for there Bedroom where we put the ornament each night.
Good Night and I hope your day tomorrow is full of fun and adventure.

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Very sweet!! Love it!!