Monday, January 9, 2012


Every year  we each get a new ornament that says something about the past year. I had so many ideas for the kids but they for the first time made a request for what they wanted.  I had hoped to get Mister C a book or reading ornament as this year he took off with his reading. However his request....

Anything Phineas and Ferb because it is his new favorite show and his Birthday party theme this year. 

               From Grandma and Grandpa this year a soccer ornament for adventures this fall in soccer.

Miss C asked for this pair of ballet slippers to remind her of her dance class this summer. 

                    Of course Grandma and Grandpa could not resist getting her a Barbie ornament.

Our house has become sports fans! Shocker  I know but we all love watching the Timbers Games together. We have even been lucky enough to attend some gamers this year however never all at the same time :)
When I saw this ornament I had to get for Brian.

Couldn't resist this cute guy for the whole family!

Brian got this book writers ornament to remind him of the many many many hours spend writing his book this past year. That is a subject for another post :)

 I still get teary eyed when I look at this picture. I was given this ornament, on the bottom is written in Loving memory of Colin Palmer and the year of his Birth and Death. To mark the 10 anniversary of my dad passing away Karen found me this ornament. I will treasure the thought as well as the memory for ever!

 I thought I would include a picture of our Nutcrackers. Last year Colin asked Santa for a nutcracker and has decided to ask for one every year. Sister wanted in on the request too. So this year Santa got each of them a new nutcracker. Mister C got a Pirate because of his new favorite Wii game lego Pirates. Miss C got  a dancing princess nutcracker, no need to ask why :)
Hope you have treasured memories for this Christmas that will carry on through out the years!

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goose and bear said...

Love this post! It would be cool to take photos of each special ornament and put it in a book with the story about what it means. So many memories on your tree! And the story about the ornament from Karen made me cry - how thoughtful and perfect.