Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Reading

Some of our favorite books from this month...

Miss C loves the book poor puppy and can "read" it to us she has heard it so many times. So when she found Bad kitty meets the baby at the library she couldn't wait to check it out.

 We put this book on hold back in late October and just now got it from the Library. oh well Pinkalicious is fun anytime of the year right?

Mr C has enjoyed reading Big Nate and Frankie Pickle both books are a mix of paragraphs and comics.

 Guys read is a website by a group of authors looking to create more books for young boys. You should check it out they have lots of great recommendations! For Christmas Mr C got this collection of short stories. We have only read a few of them so far but they are kind of fun.
 The Invention Of Hugo Cabret is by Far the families favorite book this month and I would also say my favorite children's book that we have ever read! I loved this book! The story and the art work were fantastic. I am so happy we read the book before we saw the movie! The book will decently be one we will be ready again and again.

 Some of the art work from the book

Mr C's non fiction pick of the month. He gave a great book report at school on Albert Einstein. 

 My books this month ....

The Associate is about a young lawyer choosing between what is right, what is wrong and the lines between them.

One Thousand Gifts is an amazingly wonderful poetic book of beauty! It is one of those books that requires your full attention so I had to make my self pick it up sometimes but once I did I had a very hard time putting it back down. A book that hopefully I will grasp and use to change my life and find ways to search and see Gods gifts all around me.  

 Technically I am not done with this book but as I only have a few more chapters and plan to finish it tonight I thought I would included it in today's post. A story of two young adults who meet in a cancer support group work trough the meaning of life together and form a friendship that caries them though the struggle before them.
    Happy reading! Do you have any suggestions for us?


goose and bear said...

Thanks as always for your great recommendations. We requested Hugo at the library...it may be a long wait, though. And I really like books by John Green but have yet to read this one. Oooh, I love books!

Anonymous said...

Michelle!! No way! My cousin's daughter Esther died last year at the age of 16 from thyroid cancer. John Green was friends with my cousin and she partly inspired him to write the book. It's cool to see it here on your blog.

meg said...

Daphne what a small world. It makes the book that much more touching to me to know it was partly inspired by your cousins daughter.